Body Language To Attract Women

Get Women Like A Rock Star *TONIGHT*

Do you consider yourself “shy”?

Do you stammer and hem and haw (and create INSTANT

REJECTION with women) because you can’t “get the

words out” to let the “real you” shine through?

If so, there’s a simple, WORDLESS body language

“trick” you can use to say it all for you in the

first 30 seconds…

…and SPARK irresistible feelings of attraction

in a woman that GUARANTEE SUCCESS.

Learn about it here:

Dear Alex,

As you know, I’m all about getting SPECTACULAR

RESULTS with women.

And I’m about getting those results *FAST*.

That’s why I want to share a KILLER TECHNIQUE with

you right now… that you can use TONIGHT at a bar

or club… and immediately attract not just 1

woman… or even 2 women…

…but a whole GROUP OF WOMAN, all drawn straight

to you, as if by MAGIC.

You heard right… I’m talking about magnetically

attracting MULTIPLE WOMEN to YOU without ever

saying a word. As if you’re suddenly a total “ROCK


Sound good?


Then without further delay, let’s get to it.

Here’s what I want you to do TONIGHT to experience

that “ROCK STAR” feeling…

First of all, call up a buddy or two. Tell them to

meet you at a bar or club near you…

…and be sure to bring a CAMERA with you.

It can be a stand-alone digital, or built into

your cell phone. Doesn’t matter. Either is good…

…as long as the camera has a WORKING FLASH.

And that’s it.

It’s all you’re going to need to experience

magnetic, ROCK-STAR-LIKE SUCCESS with women like

you’ve never dreamed of.

But more on that in a minute.

Right now, back to what you’re going to do


You and your buddies are going to go into the bar

or club, and you’re going to take a good look


When you do, you’ll notice something right away…

99% of the single guys in there will probably look


Like they’re waiting to see the dentist or


They act like deer in the headlights.

They BROADCAST that they’re totally clueless.

Some will have “wussy” and “dork” written all over

their faces.

Most will look like they can’t wait to get home, I

guarantee it.

Know why?


The fact is, for most guys, going out to a bar or

club to “pick up women” is about as enjoyable as a

root canal.

It’s tragic.

And it’s disastrous.

But make no mistake:

Every women in the room — especially the

ATTRACTIVE ones — will pick up on the miserable

“vibe” most guys put out there.

Without even trying, women can sense “LOSER”

coming off these guys, like a bad radio station

playing a song they just can’t turn off.

And guess what…


You should be TAKING ADVANTAGE of the fact that

almost every guy in the room is killing his

chances with these women before he ever opens his


The fact is, 99% of the guys in a bar or club are

so busy looking miserable and sabotaging

themselves that it creates an unbelievable


And here’s what you MUST do to take advantage of


Make ONE SIMPLE MOVE that puts the spotlight of

ATTENTION squarely on YOU.


Well, remember that camera you brought?

As you hang out with your friends, start snapping

a few pictures.

Of the bar.

Of each other.


As the FLASHES go off, start to laugh.

Snap a shot of the bartender. Show him.

High-five each other. Laugh some more.

In other words…


And listen:

At this point, DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION to any of

the women in the place.

Don’t look at them.

Don’t even glance their way.

Just HAVE FUN with your friends.


This will slowly begin to create a “rock star”

energy around you that’s positively MAGNETIC.

Before you know it, you’ll be drawing people over

who want to know “What’s going on over here?”

Both men and women, all wondering, “Why are THOSE

guys having so much fun… and what am I MISSING

OUT on?”

In fact, there was a time when I did this on a

friend’s suggestion, and I couldn’t believe the

crowd we drew!

It took a little time, but as curiosity built,

more and more folks joined in.

Soon, it really was like there was a rock show

going on or something!


Of course, all YOU should care about at this point

is how to connect with THE WOMEN you’ve attracted.

More on that in a moment — PLUS A “BONUS” WAY TO


But first, let’s look at what’s going on here…

First off, that camera you brought is really just

a prop.

It has no “power” on its own, any more than a rock

star’s clothes and hair do…

…that is, until he finally gets up ON STAGE.

At that point, he becomes the CENTER OF ATTENTION.

And then connecting with women in the crowd is

like shooting fish in a barrel.

You see, it’s really about the SIGNALS you can

give off by becoming the CENTER OF ATTENTION and


These signals create an absolutely irresistible

“vibe” that is 100% GUARANTEED to draw women to



Because, when you’re GENUINELY having a good time,

you AUTOMATICALLY generate 80% of the body

language needed to CREATE ATTRACTION.

Without even trying, you BROADCAST biologically

proven expressions, movements, and eye contact


You put out signals that cause women to be

naturally intrigued and curious about you.

In other words… when you’re the center of

attention and having fun, you start to act like a

rock star…


Without saying a word, you make them lower their

defenses NATURALLY.

Without even realizing it, you make women WANT to

have a good time with you. And usually (just like

it happens for rock stars) WOMEN will approach YOU

to make it happen!

Again — all without YOU having to do or say a


This is really the bottom line…

The reason I emphasize using body language to be

more successful with women is because I know how

scary it can be to approach a woman.

Truth is, I used to be scared to death to even


Even worse, that fear and anxiety used to be

written all over my face. Women could literally

read it from a mile away — and REJECT ME before I

ever said a word!

It was a total train wreck.

But once I discovered the SIMPLE SECRETS of using

body language to wordlessly CREATE ATTRACTION,

here’s what I learned fast…

I could get more more women than I could handle…

I’m talking ROCK STAR NUMBERS OF WOMEN… simply

because I was “broadcasting” that I was the kind

of man women NATURALLY respond to.

And once YOU can do it, too, women will “feel it”

for you right away (instead of being turned off by

the way you stammer and fumble with “Pick-up


And then, guess what…

You’ve already won more than half the battle,

because women decide in the first few moments

whether there’s any chance you might be “dating


In other words, give off the wrong signals on

approach, and you’ll be dead on arrival. Period.

But learn how to send the right messages, and

you’re golden.

You can get more details about all that right


But in the meantime, I also want to throw out a

“bonus” tip about how to TURN IT AROUND if things

start to go badly when you start talking to a


I actually learned this one from a guy who put

“Cocky & Funny” to work in this situation, and I

have to tell you, it works like magic…

Let’s say you’ve successfully created that

“magnetic” atmosphere of having fun and “enjoying


You’ve started drawing your “rock star” crowd,

including some women you’d love to ask out.

Now, you focus on one and you’re ready to get her


…but when you ask for it, SHE TURNS YOU DOWN.


It happens.

But YOU have to realize that it’s no big deal.

You won’t die. You don’t have to run crying for


And when it does happen, it doesn’t mean you’ve

necessarily done something wrong.

So let’s pretend a woman turns you down. Tells you

she doesn’t give out her number, or gives you some

other excuse.

First, from the perspective of USING BODY LANGUAGE

to create ATTRACTION, here’s what you MUST NOT to


DO NOT look hurt.

DO NOT look angry.

DO NOT look like you even care in the least.

In other words, DO NOT give off signals that

you’re a “loser”.

That means no slumping shoulders.

No pouty frowns.

No “wussy” vibes of having been “defeated” yet


Instead, here’s what this guy trained himself to

do when a woman says no…

He smiles at her.

He flashes a “devil may care” look.

Then he turns to his friend, laughs loudly and

says “YES!”

You following this?

Without missing a beat, he acts like he’s

practically CELEBRATING being rejected.

Again – he does NOT give off the slightest body

language or signals that he’s hurt or angry.

And when you do this, too, here’s what will


The woman will be like, “What? Huh?”

She’ll be stunned and dazed, because this is a

response she NEVER hears from a man.

Immediately, you start to look like a kind of man

she’s never encountered before…

…and that’s a VERY good thing.

So… next, my friend turns back to the woman and

says: “My buddy bet me that I wouldn’t get a rude

rejection from a beautiful woman like you. Now he

has to by me a drink.”

I love it.

Suddenly, this woman’s like, “Wow, I just played

into this guy’s plan. I did exactly what he

predicted I would do.”

And when that happens, all of her “power” is

suddenly SHIFTED TO YOU.

And once you can successfully do THAT, I guarantee

it: You can convert almost ANY rejection into

interest and intrigue from a woman.

Of course, after that, it’s up to you to say and

do EXACTLY the right things to amplify that new

spark of interest. To dial it up into full-blown

feelings of ATTRACTION.

Need a refresher on the basics of how to do it?

You can get them quickly and easily right here:

But the lesson is this:

Any guy who comes across as “naturally having fun”

with women does NOT have to be rich and handsome.

He NEVER has to “convince” a woman to feel

attracted to him with memorized “pickup lines”.

This is the kind of man who attracts women with

seemingly NO EFFORT… all because he’s letting

his BODY LANGUAGE do his talking for him.

And that’s why I want YOU to learn absolutely

EVERYTHING you need to know about the “rock-star”

power of BODY LANGUAGE, too.

I want you to feel like it’s time to stop


success with beautiful women.

Here’s what I have in mind…

Take a look at my world-famous “BODY LANGUAGE FOR



…absolutely RISK-FREE.

The fact is, my “Body Language” program is 100%

GUARANTEED to teach you what you need to know

about harnessing the incredible power of BODY

LANGUAGE… and taking your success with women to

an unbelievable new level.

I do NOT want you to miss out on this.

In the course, you’ll learn how to get mind-

bending results with women, as if by MAGIC, all

without saying a word.

You’ll learn:

–How to use the 6 basic body language “signals”

to create feelings of IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTION in

ANY woman, right away.

–How to use body language to more than make up

for your “shyness”… and make a woman feel

mysteriously drawn to you without any

conversation whatsoever!

–5 hugely powerful ways to FORCE your body to

project “primal dominance”… to literally trigger

the “animal” magnetism that makes men respect you

and women NEED to approach you.

–How to project sexuality in a way that turns

women on INSTANTLY, to the point they can’t

stop imagining sex with you.

–The 10 “deadly body language mistakes” you MUST

not make — but that MOST guys do anyway and blow

their chances (If you’ve ever been rejected and

couldn’t explain why, it’s probably because you

made one of these.)

Plus MUCH, MUCH MORE. So listen..


WAY to turbocharge your success with women, bar


That’s why using just a few of these tips, tools,

and techniques will bring you instant, mind-

blowing results — with practically no EFFORT ON


In fact, you’ll probably start to believe it’s all

happening by “magic.”

So… ready to start getting some of that

effortless “ROCK STAR” ACTION?

Then there’s just no two ways about it… You need

to click here:

Then let me know what happens when YOU master the

irresistible, unstoppable power of body


Your Friend,

David D.

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